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3D World-Wide - Wendy Huther

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has visited my website or YouTube channel. Balancing this hobby alongside the demands of life has been quite the journey over the past 23 years.

Hi there! I'm Wendy Huther, originally from New Zealand but having spent most of my life on the captivating Costa Brava in Spain. Together with my son Daniel Larrotcha, I co-founded 3D World-Wide, an educational hub dedicated to graphic design, 3D art, and animation.

Our journey with 3D World-Wide began in March 2001, and it's been a dynamic ride filled with evolution and growth. While my son embarked on his own pursuits, I've continued nurturing our platform.

In January 2011, I ventured into the realm of YouTube, and started Wendy Huther YouTube channel. We were excited to broaden our horizons and offer a vibrant visual platform to share our passion with even more people.



3D Models of Cute Cartoon Characters

Using Blender as my artistic partner, I've embarked on a delightful journey to create 3D models of cute cartoon characters, aiming to bring smiles to my three grandchildren. For the kids and me, it has been a whimsical adventure.

With a touch of Blender magic, your favourite 2D pals can transform into animated 3D friends, sure to captivate and amuse. This delightful project is more than just vertices and polygons; it's a heartwarming adventure of crafting joyous surprises for the youngest members of my family and preserving cherished memories by exploring the magical world of cartoons in a whole new way!

blender character modeling

Easy Character Modeling - Blender Tutorial

This beginner-friendly tutorial on easy character modeling is perfect for those new to Blender or looking to practice their skills. In this video, we’ll walk you through the basics of a box model, followed by using Blender’s default materials, creating a simple three-point lighting, and rendering the final image. Enjoy!

You can read the full story here at BlenderNation

blender walk cycle

Extending Mixamo Walk Animation Cycles

Welcome to our most recent Blender tutorial, in which we'll explore the fascinating world of animation! This video walks you through the process of extending Mixamo walk animation cycles in Blender so that your characters can smoothly and continually move across your scenes. Enjoy!

blender coffee mug

How To Create a Coffee Mug In Blender Tutorial

This is an extremely popular Blender tutorial video. We created this video for inexperienced users, with a specific goal in mind that they can accomplish the identical model by the end of the video. It is full of tips and tricks, and it is fun and easy to follow. Enjoy!

"Our goal is to simplify complex concepts, so new users can have fun while learning and mastering different styles and techniques."

Latest Videos

save export image

How To Open, Save, Export Images


This beginner tutorial for Gimp 2.10.22 demonstrates a number of options for starting new projects, opening images, saving and exporting images in Gimp.

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gimp crop image

Crop Image In A Circle Shape


In this video we will look at how to crop an image into a circle shape in Gimp 2.10.22. We will use the Composite Mode in Layer Groups.

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gimp glitch effect

Gimp Glitch Effect


In this video, we'll simulate a few digital errors by splitting the RGB channels. We will look at how to use the Offset tool for moving layers with more precision. Enjoy!.

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gimp duotone effect

How To Create A Duotone Effect


In this tutorial we will go over two quick methods for creating duotone effects with Gimp 2.10.22.

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spline chair

Spline Modeling A Chair

3DS Max

This is an easy tutorial for beginners. In this video walk-through we will learn the basic steps on how to create a chair using Splines in 3DS Max.

chest of drawers

Modeling A Chest A Drawers

3DS Max

This is an easy tutorial for beginners. In this video walk-through we will learn the basic steps on how to create a Chest of Drawers in 3DS Max.

Wendy Huther YouTube Channel

Tutorial videos are fundamental learning tools for education and training. Whether you are a hobbyist, a student, an artist, or educational institution, these videos are free. We have created these short tutorial videos that focus on teaching a single technique, with the intention of helping you gain a deeper understanding of complex concepts.


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Have fun and learn different skills and techniques for Blender, Gimp and 3DS Max, and apply them to your own future projects.


Get started learning Gimp with written tutorials on tools, features and basic techniques. We will be adding more written tutorials to follow along with the videos.


How To Download and Install Gimp For Windows

Before you can follow along with these popular Gimp For Beginners tutorials, let's look at how to download and install Gimp for windows.

save images gimp

Open, Save And Export Images In Gimp

This tutorial is ideal for new users, so they can quickly learn the basic's to start and finish a project.

paint eyes

How To Change Eye Colour With Gimp Tutorial

An easy step-by-step tutorial. We will be using tools such as: Healing Tool, Paths Tool and LCH Colour Mode.