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3DS Max Spline Modeling A Glass

by Wendy Huther

How To Model A Wine Glass In 3DS Max

This is a very popular tutorial for beginners. In this detailed tutorial we will learn a technique for creating a realistic wine glass using an Editable Spline and a Lathe Modifier. Enjoy!

3DS Max Spline Modeling A Glass Video Tutorial

3ds max spline modeling wine glass

Step 1.

Let's get started. First we need to change the Units Setup to Centimeters. We can do this by clicking on Customize on the Top toolbar and select Units Setup from the menu. In the Units Setup Dialog – Display Unit Scale, choose Metric and Centimeters.

In the Perspective viewport let's turn on Edged Faces. We can press F4 on the keyboard or right click on the word Realistic in the left corner of the viewport. This will enable us to see all the subdivisions in our objects.

3ds max units setup

Step 2.

We are going to create a Plane first as a reference point to draw out the exact size and shape of the glass. So go over to the Create Panel – Geometry and select Plane. Drag out a Plane in the center of Front viewport. Then go to the Modify Panel, in Parameters type in Length 16cm, Width 7cm, and Length and Width Segs 4. Press Z on the keyboard to zoom in.

3ds max spline modeling glass plane

Step 3.

Let's maximize the Front Viewport to draw out the shape of the glass. All we have to do is press ALT W on the keyboard. Now we can go over to the Create Panel – Shapes – Splines, in Object Type select Line then turn on AutoGrid.

3ds max spline modeling glass autogrid

Step 4.

We are going to draw out the outline of half a glass on the Plane then add a Lathe Modifier. We do not need to create a lot of vertices for this shape, but it is important that they are placed in the same position as the image. We will start at the bottom left corner. Click to drop the first vertex (the first vertex is always yellow) then hold the shift key down on the keyboard to draw a straight line and drag the Line to the right and click again in the middle of the Plane. Don't press the Shift key now and draw out the top outline of the base of the the glass. Hold the Shift key down to drag the Line straight up for the stem of the glass, click and drop an other vertex. Carry on drawing the outline, the last vertex must be place precisely above the first vertex. Right click after placing the last vertex to turn off the Line.

3ds max spline modeling glass line

Step 5.

Let's go over to the Modify Panel, and choose Segment Sub-Object mode. With the Select and Move tool you can adjust the width of the outline.

3ds max spline modeling glass segment

Step 6.

Go to the Vertex Sub-Object mode, and select the two vertices at the Top of the glass and zoom in. Scroll down the panel to Geometry, and press the Fillet Tool. Click on a vertex and drag the cursor up. The original vertices will disappear and they will be replace with two new ones and curved segments.

3ds max spline modeling glass fillet

Step 7.

Select the two vertices in the center of the curve,(there should be one on top of the other like in the image) and in the Geometry panel press Weld to weld them together.

3ds max spline modeling glass weld

Step 8.

Let's go to the inner vertex inside the glass, right click on the vertex and from the Tools 1 menu choose Bezier. Move the Tangents on the vertex slightly until you get a smooth curve.

3ds max spline modeling glass bezier

Step 9.

Now we can select the vertex at the top of the stem and press the Fillet Tool. Click on the vertex and move the cursor to create a curve. Do the same to the vertex at the other end of the stem.

3ds max spline modeling  glass stem.jpg

Step 10.

Right click on the vertex on the base of the glass and choose Smooth from the Tools 1 menu, then move the vertex so you get a nice even curve.

3ds max spline modeling glass smooth

Step 11.

We can now go back to the middle vertices on the side of the glass. Select both of the vertices, right click and select Smooth from the Tools 1 menu. Pull the vertices slightly to the side, creating a smooth curve. Then move one of the vertices so they are closer together. Make sure there are no lines over lapping.

3ds max spline modeling glass side

Step 12.

Back over to the Modify panel and click on the name Line to turn off the Sub-Object mode. Now from the Modifier List, scroll down under Object-Space Modifiers and select the Lathe modifier.

3ds max spline modeling glass lathe

Step 13.

We will see how the Lathe Modifier rotates around the object. Let's adjust a few of the settings. In Parameters, turn on Weld Core, Segments set to 32, and in Align press Min.

3ds max spline modeling glass lathe2

Step 14.

We can delete the Plane now, and let's have a look at the glass. If you're not happy with the result you can easily make some adjustments. Turn on Show End Result On/Off Toggle, then go back into the Line Sub-Object mode - Vertex mode and move the vertices and at the same time you can see how it looks. When you're happy with the result you can right click and in the Transform menu select Convert To Editable Poly.

3ds max spline modeling glass tweaking

Step 15.

All you need to do now is add some Glass material.

3ds max spline modeling glass

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful and can apply this technique to future projects. Enjoy!

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