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3DS Max Tutorials - Positioning a Label

by Wendy Huther

How To Place a Label In 3DS Max

There are several ways of positioning labels in 3DS Max, in this tutorial we will create a cup, assign a material, and position a label using the Material Editor. Enjoy!


Step 1.

Open 3DS Max, start with a new page and save it in your scenes folder in 3DS Max as Positioning_label.

Step 2.

We will start by creating a small cup, let's go to the geometry panel choose Shapes - Line.

In the front viewport draw this shape.


Step 3.

Select the Modify button and choose Spline. Scroll down the parameters list and select Outline = 4.


Step 4.

With the line selected add a Lathe modifier.

Set the parameters:

Activate Weld core

Segments = 30

Align choose Min.


Step 5.

On the main toolbar select Material Editor or press M on the key board.

Choose a Standard material, rename it cup.

Click on the Diffuse color and choose white from the Color Selector, then press Ok.

In Specular Highlights set:

Specular Levels = 75, Glossiness = 30

Select the material sphere, hold down the mouse and drag the material over to the cup release the mouse.


Step 6.

Scroll down to Maps in the Material Editor, choose the None button beside the Diffuse Color, and choose Bitmap from the Material/Map Browser, then Ok.


Step 7.

The Select Bitmap Image file opens, navigate to the file where you have your own label saved. Choose open.


Step 8.

Lets start by changing the material sphere to a box so we can get a better view of the label, we can do this by clicking on the sphere on the right hand side of the material editor and selecting box.

Activate Show Standard Map in Viewport.

The next section of this exercise will depend on the shape and size of your label, so you will have to adjust these settings until your label fits in the right position. (My settings are)

Offset U = 0,33 + V = 0,08

Tiling U = 4 + V = 5

Angel U = 180 + W = 90

If needed you can Disactivate Show map on the back.


Now you can place labels on bottles, stickers on books, cars and tables etc. Enjoy!

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