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NURBS Modeling - Apples

NURBS or Non Uniform Rational B-Spline are an alternative to polygons, they make a smoothed out surface that eliminates the straight edges of a polygon model. In this tutorial we are going to insert an image into the front viewport background and use a NURBS Curve to trace the shape, then add a NURBS lathe modifier to create these realistic apples. Enjoy!
Skill level: Beginner
Step 1.
Open 3ds Max, start with a new page and save it in your scenes folder in 3ds Max as NURBS Apple.
Step 2.
In the front viewport click on [Wireframe] and select Viewport background from the drop-down menu or press Alt + B on the keyboard.

select viewport background

Step 3.
Choose Files and navigate to the file where the apple image was saved in, then click open. Before closing the Viewport background panel go to Aspect Ratio activate Match Bitmap, Lock Zoom/Pan and finally make sure Front is in the Viewport then press Ok.

viewport background files

Step 4.
Select [+] then maximize viewport or press Alt + W on the keyboard, now we can work just in the front viewport. Press and hold the middle roller on our mouse to activate the Zoom/Pan mode then situate the image in full view. Press G on the keyboard to remove the grid.

maximize viewport

Step 5.
On the Geometry panel select Shapes then behind Splines choose NURBS Curve from the menu.

nurbs curve

Step 6.
Start by clicking in the center of the stork you will notice the Points are the color green, continue dragging the Nurbs curve tracing the outside of the apple clicking to situate the Points along the shape. This might take a little practice. Finish by situating the last Point in the center of the core, right click the mouse to finish the curve.

tracing outline

Step 7.
On the Geometry panel select the Modify button. Click on the NURBS Creation Toolbox, then choose Create Lathe Surface.
Now select the NURBS curve.
creation toolbox
Step 8.
Select [+] then maximize viewport or press Alt + W on the keyboard to return to all 4 viewports.
The final shape that we are looking for should look like this image.

final shape

Step 9.
All we need to do now to make a stork is to follow the same steps. Start with a Point in the center of the top of the stork, trace the outline of the shape, click to situate more Points. Go back to the modify button, select the Nurbs Creation Toolbox and choose Create Lathe Surface, with the Lathe Surface activated click on the Nurbs curve.
create the stork
Step 10.
To shape the base of the apple we will go to the modifier list and add Edit Poly. Select the Orbit Subject Button and rotate the apple in the perspective viewport so we can work on the base.
Select vertex and Ignore Backfacing.

select vertex mode

Step 11.
Scroll down to Paint Deformation, choose Push/Pull and set the Push/Pull value = 10, Brush size= 60. (You can adjust these 2 values) In the perspective viewport click on one of the vertices from the base of the apple, you can model the shape by selecting vertices. This exercise might need some practice until you get the shape you are looking for, adjust Push/Pull value and Brush size.

paint deformation tool

Step 12.
Open the Material Editor from the main toolbar or press M on the keyboard, add material.

Hope you found this tutorial helpful.

Click here to download Nurbs Apple image

Wendy Huther


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