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Boolean Operation - Creating A Match Box

In this tutorial we are going to create a box of matches by creating several boxes and using Boolean operations to subtract the insides of the boxes. Boolean operations are very creative and fun to use.
Skill level: Beginner

Step 1

Open 3ds Max, start with a new page and save it in your scenes folder in 3ds Max as Boolean Box

Step 2

We will start by creating a box, in the geometry panel select Box and drag it out in the front viewport, set the parameters to:
Length = 160
Width = 265
Height = 50

Step 3

Right click the mouse on the box and from the drop down menu choose Convert to Editable Poly

Step 4

We will chamfer the sharp edges on the box, but first rename Box to Matchbox, then choose Edge from the Editable Poly. Press and hold the control key on the key board and select the long side edges, press the small square button beside Chamfer, set Chamfer Edges to:
Chamfer Amount = 1,0
Segments = 1
Press OK.

Step 5

Create a second box, in the geometry panel select Box, drag the box in the exact same position as the first box in the front viewport. Set the parameters to:
Length = 155
Width = 295
Height = 45
This box is slightly thinner and longer then the Matchbox. Situate Box 2 in the center of the Matchbox, as this box will be used to subtract the shape for the inside of the matchbox.

Step 6

On the geometry panel behide Standard Primitives choose Compound Objects.

Step 7

Before you do anything select the Matchbox, scroll down the panel, in Operation activate Subtraction (A-B)
Press Pick Operand B. Now carefully click on Box 2 in the Perspective viewport.
Box 2 will disappear and the Matchbox will have the exact shape of Box 2 subtracted.
Right click the mouse to deactivate Boolean.



You can see how the Boolean Operation works, we will repeat these exercises to create the Inside Box.

Step 8

In the Top viewport drag Box 3
Length = 152
Width = 260
Height = 43
Situate the Box 3 in the center of the matchbox. This will be the Inside box, click on the modify button and change the name to Inside box, then move it to one side, this will create the open box effect that we are looking for.

Step 9

In the Top viewport drag Box 4
Length = 147
Width = 255
Height = 50
Situate Box 4 in the middle of the Inside box. This box is slightly thinner,shorter and higher then the Inside box.

Step 10

Select Inside Box, go to Boolean, then press Pick Operand B, carefully click on Box 4 in perspective viewport.
The exact shape of Box 4 will be subtracted from the Inside Box.
Right click the mouse to deactivate Boolean.

Step 11

We just need to create one more object to finish the matchbox, in the front viewport create a box with these parameters:
Length = 43
Width = 255
Height = 1
Situate this box on the side of the Matchbox.

We will create one match stick, then use the Clone/Copy to create as many matches as we like, also we can spread a few matches around the scene.

Step 12

In the front viewport create a box with these parameters:
Length = 9
Width = 240
Height = 10

Next create a Geosphere with these parameters:
Radius = 8
Segments = 16
Geodesic Basic Type = Icosa

Step 13

With the Geosphere still selected right click the mouse and choose Editable Poly from the drop down menu.
Choose Vertex then scroll down the panel to Soft Selection.
Activate - Use Soft Selection
Deactivate - Affect Backfacing
Fall off = 10
Pinch = 0
Bubble = 0

In the top viewport Carefully select the first few side rows of vertices of the Geosphere. Notice that the selected vertices turn red and a rainbow of colored vertices appear behide them. Watch this next step carefully.

Step 14

Drag the selected vertices a long the X axis, notice how the colored vertices stretch to form a soft oval object.

Step 15

You can add the material to your matchbox, match head and stick then select both the match head and the stick click on Group on the main toolbar and choose Group, name it match stick. Clone copies, situate them in the matchbox and add a few to the scene.


In this image I applied a Editable Poly to the matchbox, selected the top poligon and added a photo to the top of the box. Enjoy!

Wendy Huther

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