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3DS Max Modeling A Volleyball

by Wendy Huther

How To Model A Volleyball In 3DS Max

This is a very popular tutorial for beginners. We are going to learn a technique to create a rounded object from a box primitive in 3ds Max. We will apply several modifiers to alter the objects shape and add material ID's as we go a long. We will continue by creating a Multi/Sub-Object material for our object. Enjoy!

3ds max volleyball

Step 1.

Let's start! Open 3ds Max, start with a new page and save it in your scenes folder as Modeling a Volleyball.

Step 2.

First of all let's go to Customize on the Main toolbar, - from the Customize menu, choose Units Setup, and in the Units Set up dialog choose Generic Units, then OK.

3ds max volleyball customize

Step 3.

On the Main toolbar turn on the Snapps toggle tool, then right click the icon and from the Grid and Snap settings dialog turn on Grid points, then close the dialog.

3ds max volleyball snaps toggle

Step 4.

On the Create panel, go to geometry - from the Object type rollout select Box, and in Creation Method choose Cube, then position the cursor over the center of the grid in the Perspective viewport, then click and drag a Box across the grid. Don't worry about the size, we will set that in the next step.

3ds max volleyball create cube

Step 5.

We can go back to the Main toolbar and reclick the Snapps toggle to turn it off.

Step 6.

Lets go to the Modify panel - in the Parameters rollout, set Length, Width and Height to 50,0 and set Length Segs, Width Segs, and Height Segs to 3.

3ds max volleyball cube

Step 7.

Before we move on, change the name from Box001 to VolleyBall

3ds max volleyball name

Step 8.

We can click anywhere in the Front viewport, then press F3 then F4 on your keyboard to turn on Shaded and Edged Faces, and in the Perspective viewport just press F4, this will make it easier to see all the segment divisions on the object.

3ds max volleyball edged faces

Step 9.

Now we can go to the Hierarchy panel - in Adjust Pivot rollout, Move/Rotate/Scale, turn on Affect Pivot Only. Next in Alignment click Center To Object. Before we move on let's go back to Affect Pivot Only and reclick it to turn it off. We have just set the pivot point to the center of the Box, now it will be a lot easier to rotate and manipulate the object when we finish.

3ds max volleyball hierarchy

Step 10.

Let's right click the Box and from the Transform drop-down menu choose Convert To Editable Poly.

3ds max volleyball editable poly

Step 11.

We can now go to the Modify panel and select the Polygon subdivision mode. Press and hold the CTRL key on the keyboard, use the select Select Object tool and click the 3 polygons in the Front viewport, then in Edit Geometry press Detach. (Now the 3 polygons will convert to one Element)

3ds max volleyball front row1

Step 12.

On the Detach dialog we can choose Detach As Element, then click OK.

3ds max volleyball detach dialog

Step 13.

We can now scroll down to the Polygon Material IDS, Set ID to 1. We are going to assign a Multi/Sub-Object material later on, and this Element (row of Polygons) will have a Sub-Material ID 1. (this will be a blue material)

3ds max volleyball material id

Step 14.

We can repeat the steps 11 and 12 to the second row, but this time in Polygon Material IDS, Set ID to 2. (this will be a yellow material)

3ds max volleyball front row2

Step 15.

Also we can repeat the Steps 11 and 12 to the third row, and in Polygon Material IDS, Set ID to 1. (this will be a blue material)

3ds max volleyball front row3

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