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3DS Max Tutorials - MassFX Modifier

Step 16.

Go to the top left hand corner of the viewport, right click on Camera001 and choose Show Safe Frames or press Shift F on the keyboard.

safe frames

Step 17.

We can control our camera with the tools on the bottom right side of the screen. (Dolly Camera, Roll Camera, Field of View, Truck Camera, Orbit Camera, Perspective)

camera controls

Step 18.

Our scene is nearly ready. The last thing we going to do is add a simple standard material. But first let's change the colour of our objects, click on the colour slot of each object, and change it to Black from the Object Colour Selector.

object color

Step 19.

Now select the Slate Material Editor on the main toolbar, or M on the keyboard. (We are using the Slate Material Editor, but you can use the Compact Material Editor if you wish)

Right click in View1, from the menu choose Materials – Standard – Standard. Double click on the material to open the Material Parameters. First we will rename the material, so call it Egg, press the Diffuse colour and from the Colour Selector choose a slightly darker grey. With the sphere selected we can drag the output channel and drop the material on the egg shaped object, or we can press Assign Material To Selection and press Show Shaded Material In Viewport.

assign material

Step 20.

We will repeat this operation to create two more materials, one for the bowl and the other for the plane. The bowl can have a much lighter grey, and the plane can stay as default. Apply the materials to all objects.

Step 21.

Now is a good moment to save your work.

Step 22.

Let's prepare our MassFX Toolbar. To do this right click in an empty space in the Main toolbar and choose MassFX Toolbar from the menu, or you can go to main toolbar - Customize – Show UI – Show Floating Toolbars and from there you will see all the possible toolbars, just close the one's you don't need.


Step 23.

Select the egg shaped object then in the MassFX Toolbar press Set Selected As Dynamic Rigid Body (Dynamic Rigid Body Type will be affected by gravity, collide with other rigid bodies, and will be affected in the simulation.) 3ds Max has automatically assigned a Convex Mesh Type (a blue mesh)which is ideal for this object.

body type

Step 24.

Now we have assigned the modifier to the egg shape object, we can clone it. With the object selected, while holding the Shift key down on the keyboard, with Select and Move tool drag the object to the side. In the Clone Options dialog – choose Instance, and 3 copies, then OK.


Step 25.

We can make more copies (instances). We need to have 12 in all. Move them above the bowl, and rotate each one individually so they are not all in the same position.


Step 26.

Select the bowl object and we will go back to the MassFX toolbar, this time we will click on Set Selected As Static Rigid Body.

body toolbar

Step 27.

A Static Rigid Body Type is assigned to objects which will be stationary (will not move), but will interact with Dynamic and Kinematic Rigid Body Types. We will need to change Mesh Type to Original.

body type

Step 28.

Let's go over to the MassFX toolbar and press the Simulation icon.


Step 29.

Now we have all our scene set up, have fun playing with the MassFX Rigid Body modifier, you can create some fabulous animations. Press the Reset icon and the egg shaped objects will return to their original position above the bowl, from there you can move or rotate them if you need to adjust their positions.

move tool

Step 30.

When you are pleased with your simulation you can Bake it. This means your simulation will create 0 – 100 key frames along the timeline, from there you can render out your animation if you like. Let's go the MassFX toolbar, press Reset, so the objects return to the original position, select one of the egg shaped objects, that will open the Modifier, scroll down under Rigid Body Properties, Rigid Body Type Dynamic, and press the Bake button. We will actually see how the simulation converts into 100 key frames on the timeline. Notice the Dynamic object has changed into Kinematic Rigid Body Type and now has an orange mesh around it.


This is an introduction into MassFx Rigid Body modifier, I hope you have found this tutorial helpful and can apply the MassFX Rigid Body modifier to future projects. Enjoy!


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