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3DS Max Cloth Modifier Tutorial

Step 15.

Let's go to the Timeline situated at the bottom of the screen and turn on the Auto Key, then move the slide on the Timeline to 100. Now we are going to scale the Circle down to the original size. (more or less)

3DS Max cloth modifier auto key

Step 16.

Now we can go back and turn off the Auto Key and drag the Timeline slide back to 0. We have just animated the circle.

3DS Max cloth modifier animation

Step 17.

Now we will add the Cloth Modifier. To do this first we have to click on the Rectangle, to select it, then go over to the Modifier List, scroll down under the Object-Space Modifiers and choose Cloth.

3DS Max cloth modifier list

Step 18.

First press Object Properties, then in the Object Properties dialog – Objects In Simulation - select Rectangle001, select Cloth, then in Cloth Properties you can choose any of the Presets. For this tutorial we will use Cotton. (Don't close the dialog yet as we need to add another object for the simulation.)

3DS Max cloth modifier object properties

Step 19.

Press Add Objects, in the Add Objects To Cloth Simulation dialog, select the Circle001, then press Add.

3DS Max cloth modifier object simulation

Step 20.

Now back in the Object Properties, select the Circle001, scroll down and turn on Collision Object, then press OK.

3DS Max cloth modifier circle properties

Step 21.

Just one more thing to do. Scroll down to Simulation Parameters and enable Self Collision and set it to 1, also enable Check Intersections.

3DS Max cloth modifier self collision

Step 22.

Let's go to Simulation and press Simulate Local. Let the Rectangle drop and fold over the circle, then press Simulate Local again to stop it. (If you would like to repeat this operation just scroll down to Selected Objects Manip and press Reset State)

3DS Max cloth modifier simulation local

Step 23.

The Rectangle has folded over the circle. Now we can use the animation that we created before, so to do this press Simulate. (It will stop when it's finished) The simulation will slowly scale the circle back to the size we created at the beginning and the cloth object will fold nicely. (When the Simulation has finished turn back on Simulate Local for a minute to loosen the cloth.)

3DS Max cloth modifier simulate

Step 24.

Let's add a couple of modifiers to finish of the cloth object. First we can add a HSDS modifier. This will create more subdivisions and soften the look. So to do this go to the Modify List, scroll down Object-Space Modifiers and choose HSDS. In the HSDS Parameters scroll down to Advanced Options and press Adaptive Subdivisions. In the Adaptive Subdivision dialog, in Parameters select High, then press OK.

3DS Max cloth modifier hsds

Step 25.

Next we can add a Shell Modifier. In Parameters set Outer Amount to 0,3cm.

3DS Max cloth modifier shell modifier

Step 26.

We can make some final adjustments by applying a FFD 4x4x4 modifier. In the expandable list choose Control Points and with the Select and Move Tool, move some of the top Control Points slightly so the edges of the Rectangle are closer to the Circle. Also select all the bottom Control Points and drag them down, so the Rectangle is longer. (Feel free to experiment, you can always press Reset and start again.)

3DS Max cloth modifier ffd4x4x4 modifier

Step 27.

We can add a UVW Mapping Modifier. In the Parameters – Mapping, we can choose Planar. Now go back to the Modifiers stack, and drag the UVW Mapping modifier down so it is situated inbetween the Garment Maker and the Cloth Modifier.

3DS Max cloth modifier uvwmapping

Step 28.

All you need to do now is apply some materials. I'll show you how to model the support piece of the towel rack in another tutorial.

3DS Max cloth modifier finished

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful and can apply the Garment Maker and Cloth Modifer to future projects. Enjoy!

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