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3DS Max Cloth Modifier Tutorial

by Wendy Huther

How To Create A Towel With The Cloth Modifier

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a towel using a Spline and the Garment Maker Modifier in 3DS Max. Also we will create a simple simulation using the Cloth Modifier to fold the cloth over an other object. Enjoy!
3DS Max Cloth Modifier Video Tutorial

3DS Max cloth modifier

Step 1.

Let's start by setting our System Unit Setup to centimeters. We can do that by going to the Main toolbar – Customize – Units Setup, in the Units Setup dialog under Display Unit Scale – choose Metric – Centimeters, then press OK.

3DS Max units setup

Step 2.

We will only create a simple scene for this simulation, if you like you can model the rest of the towel rack later on. We will start by creating a Box as a reference point, so let's go to the Create Panel – Geometry, then from Standard Primitives choose Box. Go to the Top Viewport and drag out a box.
We can set the size for the box in the Modify Panel, so let's go to the Modify panel and set Length to 4,0cm, Width to 11,0cm, Height to 8,0cm and all the Segs we can set to 1. Press Z on the keyboard to zoom in.

3DS Max cloth modifier box

Step 3.

Let's turn on Edged Faces in our Perspective viewport, this will enable us to see all the subdivisions in the objects. To do this we just have to click anywhere in the viewport to select it, then press F4 on the keyboard. If you want to see the edged faces in the other viewports, click in the viewport then press F3 first (Realistic or Shaded), then F4 (Edged Faces) on the keyboard.

3DS Max cloth modifier edged faces

Step 4.

We can change the colour of our objects so we can see them easier for this tutorial. To do this we can click on the small colour icon beside the name Box001, then from the Object Color panel choose Black and turn off Assign Random Colours.

3DS Max cloth modifier object colour

Step 5.

Next let's go to the Material Editor on the main toolbar, or just press M on the keyboard. Right click in View 1 and choose a Standard Material. Double click on the material to open the Main Parameters. We will just use the default gray Diffuse colour. Press the icon for Assign Material to Selection and Show Shaded Material in Viewport, or you can click on the output slot and drag the material to the object.

3DS Max cloth modifier material editor

Step 6.

We can now create a circle for the towel rack. Let's go to the Create Panel – Shapes - Splines and choose Circle. We can drag out a circle in the Left viewport, don't worry about the size, we will set that in the next step.

3DS Max cloth modifier circle

Step 7.

In the Modify Panel for the Circle, scroll down to Rendering, turn on Enable In Renderer and Enable In Viewport, set Thickness to 1,50cm, in Interpolation – set Steps to 24, in Parameters set the radius to 17,0cm.

3DS Max cloth circle parameters

Step 8.

Open the Material Editor and apply the gray Standard material to the circle. With the Select and Move tool drag the Circle and place it inside the Box.

3DS Max cloth modifier ring

Step 9.

We can Zoom out in the Top viewport, then go to the Create Panel – Shapes – Splines, and choose a Rectangle. Drag it out over the Box and the Circle. (Turn off Enable Renderer and Enable In Viewport if they are on) Set the Parameters for the Rectangle to Length 50,0cm and Width 110,0cm.

3DS Max cloth modifier rectangle

Step 10.

Now we need to convert the Rectangle to an Editable Spline, so to do that let's right click on it and from the Transform menu choose Convert to Editable Spline.

3DS Max cloth modifier editable spline

Step 11.

We can go over to the Modify panel and in Editable Spline choose the Vertex Mode. Drag the cursor around the Rectangle to select all the Vertices, then go back over to the Editable Spline, scroll down to Geometry and press Break.

3DS Max cloth modifier break vertex

Step 12.

Now we can add the Garment Maker Modifier, so let's go to the Modifier List, scroll down the Object-Space Modifiers and select Garment Maker. In the Main Parameters – Density, click once or twice on the top dial to bring up the density.

3DS Max cloth modifier garment maker

Step 13.

Then move the rectangle to the center of the circle. Then click any where in the Prespective viewport and press ALT W on the keyboard to maximize the view. Zoom out, slightly and orbit the view.

Before we move on, apply the Standard material to the object.

3DS Max cloth modifier garment maker2

Step 14.

Now we are going to create a small animation for the Cloth Modifier simulation. Select the Circle, then with the Select and Uniform Scale tool we are going to scale the circle bigger than the Rectangle.

3DS Max cloth scale circle

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